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1970 Mustang


The 1970 Mustangs were restyled to be less aggressive and therefore returned to single headlamps which were moved to the 1970 mustanginside of the grille opening with ‘fins’ on the outside of the grille sides. Some felt the aggresive styling of the 1969 model hurt its sales and this view prompted the headlamp revisions and simplification of other exterior styling aspects. It’s worth noting though that 1969 sales exceeded those in 1970. The rear fender air scoops were removed and the taillight panel was now flat instead of concave as seen in 1969. The interior options remained mostly unchanged.

The 1970 Mustang saw the previous 351 Windsor V8 engine options replaced with a new 351 cu in Cleveland V8 in either 2V (2-venturi carburetor) or 4V (4-venturi carburetor) versions...

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1969 Mustang


The 1969 Mustang saw extensive restyling 3.8 inches were added to the length and almost half an inch to it’s width, the weight 1969 Mustangalso went up markedly. The 1969 Mustang was the first model to use quad headlamps placed both inside and outside the grille opening. The pony and tribars logo replaced the corralled grille pony and was set off-center to the drivers side. The car sported convex rather than concave side panels. The fastback body version was renamed Sportsroof.

The Mach 1 was introduced to the 1969 Mustang range, with many new performance and styling features and a variety of powerplants options. Distinctive reflective striping was placed along the body sides, with duel exhausts, a pop-open gas cap, NASCAR-style cable and pin tiedowns and matte-black hood with simulated air scoop...

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1964-1966 Ford Mustang


Since the Ford Mustang was introduced five months before the normal start of the production year and manufactured among 1964 Ford Falcons 1964_Ford_Mustangand 1964 Mercury Comets, the earliest Mustangs are widely referred to as the 1964½ model. A more accurate description is the “early 1965″ model because it underwent significant changes at the beginning of the regular model year. All the early cars, however, were marketed by Ford as 1965 models. The low-end model hardtop used a “U-code” 170 cu in (2.8 L) straight-6 engine with a three-speed manual transmission and retailed for US$2,368. Standard equipment for the early 1965 Mustangs included black front seat belts, a glove box light, and a padded dash board.

Several changes to the Mustang occurred at the start of the normal 1965 model year production, fi...

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1967-1968 Ford Mustang


The first redesign of the original Ford Mustang took place in the 1967 model year, even as the original model was gaining sales success the Ford designers were drawing up a larger version.68MustangFastback1

The 1967-1968 Ford Mustang was to have a big block V8 engine. The overall size including the interior and cargo space were increased. The external changes included concave tail lights, side scoop on the 1967 model and chrome ornamentation on the 1968 model, square rear view mirrors and the usual yearly gas cap and wheel changes

In the 1967-1968 Ford Mustang a new deluxe interior package was favored over the “Pony Interior” of the previous model. This new interior included special color options, brushed stainless steel trim in the 1967 model and wood grain trim in the 1968 model...

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